Baxter Face Masks

BWT’s (Baxter Woodhouse and Taylor) amazing technical knitting team have designed and produced this premium range of masks to help protect the wider community during these difficult times.

We have now launched a website with our full range of masks which you can find if you click at

All Baxter masks are knitted at the company’s factory in Macclesfield, Cheshire (England) and uphold our long and proud history of producing world leading products.

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Our History

In 1836, James William Baxter set up a cotton trading business from his home on Cannon Street in central Manchester.

Over the following 185 years, the company has innovated, evolved and adapted to respond to an ever-changing world, in doing so it has transformed from its humble beginning as cotton traders to becoming a world leader in the Aerospace industry.

This amazing journey has taken many unexpected turns and tested our resilience and ingenuity, whilst every step has given us the opportunity to learn and grow and helped create our unique DNA.

On Christmas day 1940, the company woke up to find its factory destroyed (courtesy of a bombing raid the previous evening).

The team considered this a minor inconvenience and immediately responded by designing the world’s best flying suit for the Royal Air Force with immersion testing being covertly carried out in the middle of the night at the local public swimming baths.

The team has continued to innovate and evolve ever since and today our company is the world leader in designing and manufacturing aerospace air distribution systems. These systems might often go unnoticed by passengers but they play an important role in keeping aircraft cabin air as clean as an operating theatre and aircraft safe by cooling critical avionics equipment.

PRODUCT CODE – Adult Baxter Mask ( G1)

FIBRE CONTENT – Polyester/Elastic

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN – United Kingdom

MANUFACTURER – Senior Aerospace BWT




This device is not a medical device in the sense of regulation EU/ 2017/745 (surgical masks) nor is it personal protection equipment in the sense of regulation EU/2016/425 (filtering masks type FFP2).

Knit Face Mask Premium Bespoke

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