Thermoplastic Composites

Manufactured from proprietary ultra-lightweight reinforced composite materials that offer smooth bore solutions, Senior Aerospace BWT’s semi-rigid thermoplastic ducting is the ideal partner for the flexible range when employed as part of a system solution.

Senior Aerospace BWT can supply components for more specialised installations and applications. Rigid components are available with honeycomb or aluminium constructions, offering great resilience to installation service and/or maintenance activities.

  • Temperature ranges – 65° to 180°C (-85° to 356°F)
  • Materials compatibility to RTCA / DO-160 • FST to ABD0031 (ATS 1000.001)
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Excellent durability & puncture resistance
  • Process allows for the product to be shaped to virtually any profile to make the best use of restricted space envelopes whilst optimising performance

THERMOPLASTIC COMPOSITES: Click the images above to view larger images and browse the gallery.

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